Learning to live with a shoulder injury

Last year I became very interested in Disability Theology. What I did not know is that one year later I would be in a sling with a fractured shoulder and off work for an extended period of time. I needed a blog to help me process my recovery , and the things I will learn and want to share during this time ..and voila …already had one waiting.  There is a huge difference between thinking you know about disabilities, to being told you will need life altering surgery to repair your injury. While in the hospital where other people were having much more visible surgery you came out feeling blessed in some odd way that at least you still had all your parts. I can remember as child of a shoe maker always complaining to my Mother about the ugly leather shoes I had to wear to school as all the other kids wore these plastic shiny ones and mine were more like brogues. Now brogues would be high- end.! She would say ” There was a man who complained he did not have any shoes until he saw a man who had no feet”. I think one day just to make a point my parents took me to the Georgian Bay Blue Water Camp open house for Children with disabilities. It was my first real exposure to children  my age with physical disabilities. I saw children who had no feet, scouting along on boards with poles , kids playing sports, kids doing drama. I think here the seed was planted for a lifelong interest in working with persons with disabilities. I came home deeply impacted. It is the same kind of  impact I am feeling learning what the new normal is for shoulder fracture. Little things I took for granted now become major tasks on the to do list for the day. I may not have full rotation of my shoulder again and have a lot of physio therapy ahead of me. So this is a kind of recovery, discovery and new horizons blog as I learn what living with a disability temporary or not is like and how rapidly our lives can change. It is also a bit of a spiritual journey or perhaps existential search to find meaning within that change.



Hi I am creating an Ability Corner. With many years as a abilities support worker I wanted to create a kind of show and tell place where people could find information for their support needs as well as support worker training and info. With changes in the funding for persons with disabilities the field of disability support workers is changing. One of the major impacts in our field is that we are moving into a lot more care that requires lifting as persons we care for age or as persons with the most intensive care needs are the persons within group home settings. How can I find training to improve my skills in this area and how can I better support families who will be doing more of their own care providing. These are some of the issues I would like to address on this blog site.

I am also interested in assisting churches who desire to be more supportive to families in their communities who have family members with disabilities access church supports.

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